About Us

Dr. Rupin Shah graduated with honors in Medicine and Surgery and specializations in Urology, General Surgery and Vascular Surgery.

Upon completion of his studies, he participated in numerous postgraduate internships, including Urological Endoscopy at B.J Medical College, Ahmedabad, Rehabilitation Neuro-urology in Geneva and Percutaneous Kidney Surgery in London. He holds the national qualification as Primary of Urology and Primary of Pediatric Urology.

At work level, Dr. Shah was Assistant and then Assistant Urologist at the Stone And Prostate Clinic in Delhi with the position of Department Director with a total of 20 years of hospital activity, 6 of which in the leading position.

Dr. Shah also worked as a lecturing specialist, first as a lecturer at the Schools for Professional Nurses in Delhi, then as a contract professor at the School of Specialization in Urology at the University of Delhi.

He has participated as first operator in over 10,000 surgeries with experience in all branches of Urology Surgery and has developed in particular the minimally invasive surgery of the prostate and upper urinary tract, in addition to the Andrological and Uro-gynecological one, also collaborating in research translational in Preventive Oncology. He has been Speaker and Moderator in numerous Urological Congresses.

Today, Dr. Rupin Shah has left the teaching position, but he has not stopped sharing his knowledge of men’s health. His vision is to make professional recommendations for intimate problems readily available to patients, wherever they are, without any cost. This website is the Doctor’s endeavor to give help to as many men suffering from urological problems as possible.


Degree in Medicine and Surgery at B.J Medical College, Ahmedabad in 1999

Specialization in Urology at the University of Delhi

Specialization in Vascular Surgery at the University of Delhi

Specialization in General Surgery at the University of Delhi

Neuro-Urology in Geneva

Percutaneous Kidney Surgery in London