How Cenforce Works

Sildenafil - what is it?

Cenforce pill contains sildenafil 100 mg. Sildenafil is a drug taken orally against problem with sexual potency. It is the first molecule to become successful in the treatment of erectile disability, and was a true sensation in 1998 when it was discovered. During the first years of its existence, sildenafil created quite a name for itself, becoming a part of many a joke, which reflected its huge marketing success. Today, we can hardly name one person who wouldn’t know about the impotence drug, the legendary blue pill. And yet, not everyone knows about its mechanism of work, as well as what exactly it is that the drug does.

Erection happens when the penis absorbs enough blood to make it hard. When this mechanism is compromised, sexual problems occur. The role of sildenafil is in the improving of blood circulation in the penis.

But sildenafil does not work as an ultimate love pill, which means it will not make you more passionate. Or rather, this is what is commonly believed. In fact, this point can be argued – if your sexual problems are caused by the use of antidepressants that lower your libido, the use of sildenafil can counter their action, according to Sildenafil in the Treatment of SSRI-Induced Sexual Dysfunction: A Pilot Study.

Much along the same lines, many men lose interest in sex when they face problems with potency. The interest for lovemaking returns with the retrieved erectile ability assisted by sildenafil. In this way, albeit indirectly, sildenafil can affect your sexual appetite. But you should not expect sildenafil to increase your libido when the drop is caused by low testosterone, problems in the relationship, and other issues not associated with erectile function.

Sildenafil – a PDE5 inhibitor; the mechanism

When the muscles are relaxed, the arteries open and blood flow increases.

The valves respond to chemical messages that the brain can control. The mechanism used by the body to open a valve in any part of the body consists of five steps:

  1. The brain sends a signal to a particular nerve fiber. This fiber ends up in an arterial nerve cell called NANC (nonadrenergic-noncholinergic) and capable of producing nitric oxide
  2. The nitric oxide produced by the NANC cell ends up in the blood
  3. Nitric oxide stimulates an enzyme called Guanylate Cyclase in neighboring cells and this enzyme starts producing a substance called cGMP (cyclic guanosine monophosphate)
  4. Thanks to cGMP, the smooth muscles of an artery relax and therefore allow more blood to flow.
  5. A special enzyme called PDE (phosphodiesterase) deactivates the cGMP and ends the process

In practice, therefore, as long as the brain sends the signal that produces nitric oxide the process goes on and the muscles remain in a state of relaxation that allows the blood to flow in greater quantities. As soon as the brain stops producing nitric oxide, cGMP is immediately deactivated by the PDE and the valve closes again.

Cenforce mechanism of workFrom what we have seen so far, we can understand that there are only three ways to increase blood flow into the penis:

  1. Increase the nitric oxide produced in the penis
  2. Increase the CGMP produced in the penis as a result of nitric oxide
  3. Eliminate the PDE, (the enzyme that stops the process by destroying the cGMP)

The method used by Viagra is the third. It eliminates the PDE and therefore the cGMP is not decomposed as in a normal situation but remains active and leaves the artery open, allowing more blood to pass through.

The reason the PDE is used is simple. In the human body 11 different types of PDE are produced but only 1 (different from all the others) is produced in the penis: the PDE5.

So here is ultimately what happens to a man who ingests a Viagra pill:

  1. The sildenafil citrate contained in the pill enters the blood
  2. Sildenafil citrate attacks the PDE5 enzyme found in the penis and renders it inactive
  3. When the man experiences sexual arousal, the brain sends a normal message to the NANC cells in the penis which produce nitric oxide
  4. Nitric oxide creates cGMP which relaxes arteries in the penis
  5. Since PDE5 is disabled, the cGMP level continues to rise and consequently the arteries reach maximum dilation
  6. The penis swells as a result of the blood pressure and the man achieves an erection