Cenforce Reviews


I have no problem getting fit and thought I would try taking Cenforce because of the super strength dose. Took 1/4 this morning before my wife woke up and waited 45 minutes. I got so hard that I thought it would explode and we had sex for 2 hours. She orgasmed several times! Anyone else tried without really needing these pills?


yep .. but not Cenforce but a similar one called Penegra... same ingredient tho.


The desire was there but my boyfriend could never really get it up,,, or maintain the hardness so we could carry out intercourse, but yes they really worked .. the only "boring" thing is that you kind of have to plan when to have sex and not only when the desire seizes you, you have to plan on when it should be taken a while before.. but he only needed to use them for a while then everything worked .. and today 5½ years later we have 2 children and have how good sex almost without pills =)


That sounds good! for us, the desire is right too, but I think it's because of the stress that I may not get it. Oh well, then maybe it's just needed as a kickstart then and you can avoid it! Understand that it will be a bit planning but it is better than no sex at all.


Yes exactly the press plays a big role... But go to a doctor and he will tell about his problems and they will prescribe sildenafil to him... It is absolutely worth to try Cenforce. But keep in mind that it can stay up quite long hihihi so you should be prepared for the marathon : D