Cenforce 100 mg - Generic Sildenafil

Before 1998, it was unthinkable to treat erectile problems with a simple tablet, but the discovery of sildenafil changed it all. The molecule became known under the name of Viagra, and as of recently, began to retail much cheaper as generics. Cenforce is one of the most popular generics of Viagra, and as such features all of the awesome properties of the diamond-shaped pill.

What is Cenforce?

erectile dysfunction drugA popular drug against erection problems, Cenforce contains sildenafil as its active component. And thanks to a higher content of the substance, Cenforce can successfully treat even advanced erectile dysfunction. The drug can be used by men of different age, being a safe and simple solution. This conclusion has been arrived at as a result of numerous studies, in particular, by clinical trials of researchers of San Diego Sexual Medicine, Alvarado Hospital (Efficacy and Safety of Sildenafil by Age in Men With Erectile Dysfunction).

Sildenafil is generic name for the formula that has been produced since 1998. Forward 20 years, and the drug has been approved for manufacturing by multiple companies, which creates tough market competition. This works for you as a consumer, setting the background for lower prices. Cenforce manufacturer is Centurion Laboratories, a company that combines high quality and moderate cost – the qualities that make it a fast favorite among international customers.

The mechanism of Cenforce

Sildenafil in the composition of Cenforce improves the flow of blood, mostly in the penis. The precise action of Cenforce is explained by its mechanism: it blocks the enzyme PDE5 that is secreted in the genitals. This is how the action of the drug is only perceived in the sexual sphere. This makes the use of Cenforce precise, and the effects on erectile ability feel natural.

Cenforce is taken when its action is needed, but do not forget that it takes the drug 60 minutes to start acting, so you should plan accordingly. What if the drug causes a spontaneous erection? That cannot happen, because sildenafil does not act as an aphrodisiac, that is, it does not affect your libido. Instead, the drug helps to achieve hard erections and control them for as long as it is desirable for both partners for a satisfactory sexual act.

Who should take Cenforce?

Cenforce is used to treat symptoms of erectile dysfunction, and it is not intended for the use in healthy men. The drug can be taken by patients with ED caused by organic, psychological, or mixed ED. There are certain limitations for its use: Cenforce should not be taken by men suffering from heart disease, blood pressure problems, kidney or liver insufficiency, priapism, Peyronie’s disease, degenerative diseases of the eye, stomach ulcer, and some others.

Cenforce advantages

The benefits of Cenforce can be listed as follows:

  • Help against erectile dysfunction, even in severe cases
  • Increased sexual stamina
  • Shortened time required for new erection after ejaculation
  • Improved control over sexual act duration
  • Relieved performance anxiety
  • Proven efficacy and safety
  • Economical price
  • Availability in online pharmacies
  • Discreetness of use

How to take Cenforce

The drug is taken on demand – plan beforehand to use the drug no sooner than 60 minutes before sex. Swallow the tablet alongside with a sufficient amount of water, without chewing or breaking the pill in your mouth.

With or without food? This depends on how comfortable you are taking Cenforce on an empty stomach: in some users, it may cause nausea or indigestion. A light meal is therefore a perfect companion for the use of sildenafil. Heavier meals and alcohol will reduce the efficacy of Cenforce.

Cenforce dose

The drug contains maximal dose of Cenforce – sildenafil 100 mg. This means that it is a pill with the most potential in the fighting ED, but also has heightened risk of side effects. Your doctor should appoint the dose of sildenafil that is appropriate for you. Your general health, tolerance and severity of ED should be taken into account.

Cenforce side effects and safety

The general outline of possible adverse reactions to the drug is as follows: flushing, stomach upset, headache, nausea, stuffy or runny nose. These side effects are mild and occur in some patients, not necessarily in everyone. You should talk to your doctor about dose reduction if the side effects persevere or become intolerable.

Discuss the compatibility of Cenforce with other drugs with your prescriber. Remember that the rule of thumb is that sildenafil should not be taken alongside with drugs that affect blood pressure or are metabolized by the same enzyme (CYO3A4).

Sildenafil online: beginner’s guide

Cenforce is a generic version of sildenafil, so it is not available in local pharmacies of every country, but it is universally available in online stores. The information about the drug is usually published on the product page, but some pharmacies have in-house consultants to answer your questions about erectile dysfunction and the role of Cenforce in its treatment.

This site was created as a review for sildenafil manufactured by Centurion Laboratories and should be used for educational purposes. We fully understand that with so many sexual pills available on the market today, it is challenging to find the best match. On these pages, we give you full information about Cenforce to help you form an opinion about your perfect ED therapy. Remember though that any drug should be used following a specialist’s advice only.